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20's Month!

I'm exploring all things fancy and 1920's this month over on the quaintrelle life blog! Right now a newly tinted vintage photo and a little bit about the beginnings of a deco inspired costume jewelry collection.

Fit for A Queen (or Quaintrelle)

I broke down recently and bought another teacup, I've been on a strict embargo since my collection is now bigger than my friends who drink tea list and my china cabinet, but! I do have a list of styles missing from my collection and an "Oh my scone that's amazing!" clause that lets a few more into the house. This one ticked the "Vintage paragon teacup" box on my to get list and met the "oh my scone!" clause.

Made in the early 1930, sooooo much gold, and hand painted flowers (not to mention signed) it is even a replica of a set Queen Mary herself owned back in 1913!!! I regret nothing! There is a little blog post with way more photos about why a Paragon teacup was on my to get list and a bit about the pattern, the queen and collecting more for richer than me quaintrelles who share my love of royal china...

Also! I'm starting to update the Quaintrelle Life website again! It got a bit of a face lift yesterday ready for new content and there is still lots of lifestyle and crafting tutorials and articles up there for anyone interested in that kind of thing :)

Eating Cake

I had the pleasure of collaborating with a local photography studio last weekend on a big rococo retro pin up shoot which was an absolute blast! My best friend was the model, she brought the pretty, i brought the frills and Capitol Bombshell brought the photographic genius! I have a few photos for now on my blog I thought you guys might like here...

Dancing Shoes

I'm guessing a lot of you guys have been doing ballet since you were 5, but I'm guessing there is a fair few others out here like me who are all grown up, stiff creaky and who always wanted to try it!

For a few years I'd been going back and forth wanted to take it up, but was always afraid about being too old, too unfit and too blobby to dare. This week though I took the plunge and signed up for adult beginner classes at a dance school near my house! I wrote a little blog post about getting over some personal hangups and getting a little closer to being more the person I want to be. I thought it might be interesting to a few of my fellow fancy wallflowers over here too :)

Kanzashi Time

I used to make kanzashi a lot, in fact over the last close to 10 years I've made literally hundreds! After re-kindling my love affair with them, and how amazingly well they go with my retro floral frocks I decided it was time to start making them again and finally finish off my insane personal challenge to make one of every single Maiko kanzashi! There are new photos up on my blog of the first 4 finished towards the challenge and links to the newly brought back to life Kanzashicore site! Retro and crafts.


My 1st Quaintrelle Wig

I know a lot of my lolita friends are wig pros, but for the quaintrelle looking for something a little less "out there", but still super fun, I found a just about perfect wig!

(Review, styling tips and style post through here!...)

Jubilee Style

It's the Jubilee! I'm here in America so not able to celebrate with my family and friends in England, but that doesn't mean I can't dress the part!

(Follow though here for outfit and run down in vintage style!)

Anyone else celebrating the jubilee in quaintrelle style?


Pin-up Kanzashi

I've been re-kindling my love of hana kanzashi this week

(How I'm wearing mine and why you should too through here!...)

This is still an open community, I get a lot of messages about bringing it back from the LJ grave, so we'd all love to see/hear what quaintrelle loveliness you've been up to too!

Summer Belle

I try to do an outfit post over on my blog every Sunday. It can be tricky some weeks finding the time, but I have one new outfit up today!

(Lots of fluff, ruffles and pearls this week!...)


Vintage Watch Love!

I finally got my pretty little 1950's watch up and running again. After having 3 vintage and antique watches fixed and refurbished I put together a little guide based on my experiences on thins to look for an expect when buying a vintage watch over on the Quaintrelle Life Blog


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