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my_quaintrelle's Journal

Daily Quaintrelle Style
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Daily style community for people interested in quaintrelle fashion

The Quaintrelle Movement

As society advances we throw out the bad, and a lot of the time we throw out the good as well. Yesterdays fashions and fancies slip from the mode, to the demode, and finally are forgotten. As sad as that sounds the quaintrelle movement is bringing it all back! More than just re-enactment, we're peppering our lives wit the delicious demode that makes life grand! Quaintrelle style can be defined the same way the word "quaint" can be defined, it is unusual or fanciful, with an old fashioned sense of elegance. When you think of the word dandy or quaintrelle you think about a person so elaborate they stood out from the crowd like a sore (gloved) thumb, and we love them for it! The look might sometimes be quite extreme, but it's not about costume. It's not about stepping out of our world and into a make believe character, it's about our lives and who we are. Full skirts and intricate details, we're dressing in finery not simply in clothes. We take the time to enjoy everything like it's something special. Drink from a fine china teacup with breakfast instead of a mug. The 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries hold a special fascination for the modern day quaintrelle. Born into the wrong century? No, we've never had it so good! We're taking the best of the past and mixing it into our modern lives.

Quaintrell Style and Lifestyle:

Quaintrelle style follows the "quaint" aesthetic. It is unusual or fanciful, with a sense of old-fashioned charm and prettiness. A quaintrelle takes elements from old fashioned costume from around the 18th century to the early 20th century and mixes into her modern life. Elegant, frivolous, and intricate. The lifestyle is much the same, anything from the past worthy of bringing back into the present!

Community Rules:

  • Respect all of our members
    This community is all about inspiration! In order to make this a welcoming community we ask that there is NO UNSOLICITED CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIM. If you would like con crit from the community just ask for these opinions in your post ("what do you think?" or "any advice?" for eg). When giving asked for con crit let's keep it constructive and as positive as possible.
  • Use a LJ cut for any images over 400x400
    One image under 400x400 is allowed outside the cut. What's a LJ cut? This community is all about the images but let's keep it tidy and not kill people's friends lists!
  • Help us manage entries
    Please use the tags! This makes it easier for users to find your posts, and follow the styles they love best! (if you forget to tag your post will not come up in people's searches)
  • No Sales Posts
  • No advertizing other communities
  • Mods may delete off topic or inappropriate posts
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