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Halloween Inspiration

For anyone planning their Halloween costumes for this year, I have a new blog post up full of Halloween costumes from the early to mid 20th century (like a 1930's toothpaste costume)

(Follow through here for Retro Costume treasures!! Plus last day to enter the blog giveaway...)

Old Style Today!

I haven't been active much on LJ lately, but it's been so long since I posted here and I've racked up a fair few poutfits recently! I've really enjoyed playing around trying to capture a vintage feel look to my photos lately. Here's what I've had going on style wise recently! (lot's of vintage hair)...
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All the clothes, jewelry and accessories except the shoes and Vivienne Westwood purse are of course from Vivcore I don't blog much on LJ anymore, but do update frequently on my new blog... Quaintrelle Life for any one interested. Though I do promise to try be more active on here if everyone else is!


Quaintrelle Girls and Bathing

Hello everyone! I've decided to open an online store catering to, naturally, quaintrelles, princesses, lolitas, and lovelies of all types. The product I am beginning to produce now are handmade, organic & vegan bath salts. Since this is my target audience, I would like a bit of feedback on this topic, if you would please spare a few moments to help a girl out <3

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Show me your art!


I love art. I go to the local gallery whenever they change displays. When I go to a new town I always head for the art museum. I recently redecorated a wall in my room and thought all of you might enjoy seeing it as well.

Maybe you can post some of your favorite art that you have around the house as well!

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I'm a lifestyle Lolita, so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself here.

I mostly dress Gothic, I play the violin, piano, flute and guitar. I'm also teaching myself Russian, je parle francais, and I love to bake, read, paint, etc. etc.

But, enough about me, how are all of you?

quaintrelle at travel?

Hello, everyone how are you doing?

I’m going to take a vacation next month and am in the process of getting all the details together. Sometimes staying in hotels and eating out for every meal can make you miss home. I wonder what kinds of things you all do to add a sense of home. Do you take extra fancy clothes with you or maybe send postcards to your friends? I always like to take one of my bath salts with me so I can still relax in the hotel tubs.

Also what kinds of places do you like to visit? Are you a museum/gallery hopper or prefer shopping?  I looked into hot air balloon rides but they were so expensive!

Outfit Post

Hello! Today I felt like being frilly without being lolita, and this is what I ended up wearing:

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Hello. :)

These are some of my spring outfits. Hope you like them.

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Garden Party / Evening gala styles!

I was taking photos today for a magazine and thought it's been a while since anyone posted any outfit shots here recently, so here's a couple of outfits from my closet! (and a bit of vintage photo shoot style too)

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After the royal wedding, and with it being Kentucky Derby time I thought it might be fun to see some hats! I'd love to see some millinery from any one who has any!!


Daily Quaintrelle Style
Quaintrelle Life


This is a community for those who love to mix old world aesthetics into their modern lives. There are many different styles that do this often tucked away in a single focus community some where in the internet, but this is a style community to bring every one together in a big melting pot, where we can find inspiration in different quaintrelle styles.
Check out the Tumblr for Quaintrelle style inspiration!
Let's all help make this a vibrant and exciting community! post your outfits, be encouraging,be inspired and spread the word!

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