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Fit for A Queen (or Quaintrelle)

I broke down recently and bought another teacup, I've been on a strict embargo since my collection is now bigger than my friends who drink tea list and my china cabinet, but! I do have a list of styles missing from my collection and an "Oh my scone that's amazing!" clause that lets a few more into the house. This one ticked the "Vintage paragon teacup" box on my to get list and met the "oh my scone!" clause.

Made in the early 1930, sooooo much gold, and hand painted flowers (not to mention signed) it is even a replica of a set Queen Mary herself owned back in 1913!!! I regret nothing! There is a little blog post with way more photos about why a Paragon teacup was on my to get list and a bit about the pattern, the queen and collecting more for richer than me quaintrelles who share my love of royal china...

Also! I'm starting to update the Quaintrelle Life website again! It got a bit of a face lift yesterday ready for new content and there is still lots of lifestyle and crafting tutorials and articles up there for anyone interested in that kind of thing :)


Dec. 14th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
Oh wow, it's so pretty and delicate looking! One can never have too many teacups anyways!


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